Alex - Twinset Films Director

Who is she?

She is Twinset Films. She is Alex... Director & Cinematographer, woman & girl, Italian & British, level headed & passionate, creative & economical, focussed & flexible. She is married to film, lighting and storytelling but in a passionate affair with Fashion and Beauty.

Alex at work in London London

What has she been doing up to now?

The list is as broad as it is long... commercials, movies, documentaries, drama, arts series, independent films, fashion, beauty... busy acquiring a great depth of experience in different genres, always honing her craft be it by working with acclaimed actors, models or children. Learning from the best Directors in the world.

Alex at work in The South China Sea South China Sea

Where has she been all your life?

She has been shooting in the U.S.A, UK, Russia, China, Central and Eastern Europe, South Africa, Latin America, Cuba, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Emirates, Malaysia, Ukraine, Lebanon, India... comfortable working wherever you put her in the world... Although star creative Sir Trevor Robinson of Quiet Storm did say, “this girl is so good she really belongs in Hollywood”.

Alex at work in Moscow Moscow

“This girl is so good she really
belongs in Hollywood.”

- Sir Trevor Robinson

How did she get to where she is today?

By working up through the grades in the film industry in the process gaining an incomparable technical knowledge. By being the first British female focus-puller to work on big £10 million plus movies (the head of the British Film Institute said she made an art of focus pulling). By graduating top of her cinematography class at the National Film & Television School, London. By clients and agency, noticing her empathy and ability to generate strong natural performances, catapulting her into a directing career.

Alex at work in Malayasia Malayasia

Why should you know her?

Alex prefers not to be constrained by always working in a particular genre. Her desire as a creative professional is never to stop learning so she embraces projects that engage or challenge her, be they big or small budgets. You might find her perched on a crane beside a 35mm Panaflex but equally, recently, she’s excited by the potential and intimacy of shooting off the cuff with an iPhone.

Alex at work in Rome Rome

When should you use her?

You should know her for her great eye that never misses a good take, for her mastery of seizing the unguarded moment, the turn on the beat, that fleeting expression. All projects will benefit from her extensive industry experience, her strong visual style and her intuitive understanding of humanity and narrative, born of years with her eye glued to the viewfinder.

Alex at work in Milan Milan

“So use her for your next project.
Before she answers the call of Hollywood!”